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Meet Sam

What do you do at JB? 
I am the Captain of Fulfillment; a title given to me because I am in charge of SHIPPING all the beautiful jewels to our retailers around the globe; from San Francisco to Paris to Tokyo to New York, and everywhere in between. 

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
I love helping stores get the jewels they need for their customers; if they're looking for a certain piece, I’m their girl!

Sam, on the job at Coterie in NY, getting that fix.

Your job can be stressful, at times, how do you relieve stress?
I like to pop on my big Beats by Dre headphones and listen to classical or ambient music. Or go for a long run.

Song of the moment: very into The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill right now. 

Who do you admire most?
My parents; they're smart, strong, kind, and two great entrepreneurs.

What words or phrases do you overuse?
"Eh" for sure. Sometimes I throw it into a conversation just for fun ;). I'm such a good Canadian.

Which talent would you most like to have?
I’d love to be musically inclined in some way, either vocally or through instruments. Music is so powerful.

If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?
I think I would come back as a shark. I’m so scared of them, so I feel like becoming one is the ultimate way to defuse that fear. Also, being in the ocean for life would be fantastic!

Favourite place in Toronto?
SOUL CYCLE (JUST KIDDING... we just went as a team, and that place kicked my a%&). If there was an equivalent to NYC’s Ludlow Hotel, THAT would be my favourite place... Come on Toronto, Ludlow!

Where would you most like to live?
I shouldn’t commit to living there, because I’ve never been, but I’ve always wanted to hangout on the beaches in Bali.